Yi-Tan Tech Community Call 205 – Change Happens –

The overall theme of our Yi-Tan community change, but we seldom have a chance to go deep into the concept of change itself. So let’s!

The timing couldn’t be better (if you don’t mind a little irony). Between climate change, financial crises, regional conflicts and a relatively smooth power shift in Government, so much change is under way — and so much more needed.

With Jorgen van der Sloot, research director at Amsterdam-based FreedomLab Future Studies, let’s discuss:

  • What’s the difference between farsight and insight? Transformation and change?
  • How do you “solve” a dilemma? How do you get people to cooperate in one?
  • How has corporate change changed in the past five years?
  • When will we learn these lessons? Is our capacity for change changing?



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