Call 241: What Is Thrivability?

Sustainability is finally a legitimate boardroom topic. But doesn’t the word aim too low? Sustainability is a message of survival, like “do no harm” or “get by safely”.  What about “get really happy!”?

Jean Russell is putting forward the idea of Thrivability as a better goal (here’s another definition). As Jean writes in her post, she doesn’t have it all figured out yet, so how about we offer a helping brain or two?

With Jean, let’s discuss:

* What does Thrivability mean to you? Does it inspire you?
* Who exemplifies it? What organizations, countries or individuals do it well?
* Should there be Thrivabilitiy measures, or would that be counterproductive?
* What would you do to make Thrivability thrive?

Call 241: What Is Thrivability?


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