Yi-Tan Call 246 – Sex, Lies and Capitalism –

The First World used to have the lion’s share of business; not so much anymore. In 2000, 75% of world GDP came from the industrialized countries. By 2050 that number’s expected to tumble to 32%.

Chris Meyer is writing a book about these shifts and what they mean for innovation and for capitalism itself. He’s not writing about serving the Bottom of the Pyramid, but rather about the many forms that these markets take, including the role of government.

With Chris, let’s discuss:

  • How will business be different in emerging economies?
  • What might First-Worlders learn from Third-Worlders?
  • What should Chris title his book?

As always, an IRC Chat will be available during the call, here.

Yi-Tan Tech Community Call 246 – Sex, Lies and Capitalism –


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