Special one-hour Yi-Tan Call 248 – Unschooling –

Our primary and secondary educational systems are controversial, to put it mildly. John Holt, Grace Llewelyn, Paulo Freire, John Taylor Gatto and others have done a fabulous job pointing out how deficient the existing systems are, as well as lighting a path forward.

One growing alternative is unschooling. Unlike the popular home-schooling stereotype of parents sharing “classroom” duties at home, unschooling is mostly student-led (and I wince using the word “student”). Explaining it in any depth is beyond the scope of these lightweight invites, so please join this call and explore with us.

We’ve invited a wonderful group of deeply experienced unschoolers, adult and adult-to-be, including Tammy Takahashi, Sandra Dodd, PS Pirro, some of our Yi-Tan regulars and their kids.

With this awesome posse, let’s discuss:

  • What is the range of unschooling practices? How quickly is it growing?
  • How does the rest of the world respond to unschooling? Is that changing?
  • What are the main benefits the Net brings unschoolers?

Special one-hour Yi-Tan Call 248 – Unschooling


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