Yi-Tan Tech Call – Imma Let You Finish –

It was tempting to title this call “You lie!” Without reading too much into this trend, let’s investigate the recent burst of public outbursts from celebrities and politicians:

  • In center court at the US Open, tennis ace Serena Williams first bashes her racquet, then threatens a line judge; the penalty costs her match point.
  • Representative Joe Wilson blurts “You lie!” after President Obama makes a point in his address to Congress, breaching Congressional etiquette.
  • At the MTV Video Music Awards, rapper Kanye West interrupts singer Taylor Swift as she gives her short acceptance speech.

Of course, other uncivil things happened in Darfur and the Congo, but they didn’t get as much ink (do we say ink anymore?).

Together, let’s discuss:

  • Is civilization simply coming to an end?
  • Are we less civil than before, or is this just a blip? Are we immune to real tragedies?
  • What (if any) lessons might we take from these incidents? (besides the value of better impulse control)

Yi-Tan Tech Community Call 249 – Imma Let You Finish –

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