Yi-Tan Call 277: Media Business Directions

Our media diets have changed some — we still listen to tunes, watch movies and catch TV shows — but how we procure those items has changed dramatically (think iTunes, BitTorrent, Netflix, old Napster, Pandora, Last.fm, Hulu, TiVo…), which in turn has affected every one of the media industries.

Needless to say, the media businesses haven’t found solid footing yet, but there are lessons we can derive today.

With Needham analyst Laura Martin, let’s discuss:

  • What are the lessons we can learn from music’s demise that provide a cautionary tale to other media as they transition to the web?
  • Why is there a distinction between monetization and audience so far on the internet?
  • Is the long tail proving out to be true?
  • Where do portable devices fit into the future of media?

Here’s the podcast: Media Business Directions

You can also download the podcast:  here.


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